Magellan Immobilier  

Magellan SL was formed in 1999. It has developed and moved forward in the last 20 years.  For the past 10 years we have established ourselves in the commercial center of La Fuente. This is situated in the heart of Villamartin in a prime spot for selling on the urbanization of Las Ramblas Golf.

Over the years we have built up good relations with many owners on Las Ramblas, due to selling more properties there than any agent in the area.  We specialize in making the buying and selling of property an easy and stress less experience.  Thus we have a good bond with past clients. They  know, they are more than welcome to come and see us, if they need further guidance after they have made a purchase.

Erik Fliedl and Alex Newman are co-owners. They have been involved in the business from the start.  Both have a vast knowledge of the area. When it comes to properties on Las Ramblas golf there is almost nothing they do not know. This is due to selling a lot of properties off plan in the early years.  As time has moved forward, original owners have returned for help to sell.  Some have upgraded to bigger properties, others have moved in the opposite direction. 

Magellan Properties a été en mesure de vous aider avec tous les aspects, en se déplaçant sur le marché de la revente, bien qu'il y ait encore nouveaux projets à venir. Cela pourrait être très intéressant pour les futures clients.

Magellan has a second to none relationship with the promotors of the New Building projects on Las Ramblas.  This is a massive advantage to new purchasers allowing us to give a first class after sales care, which many agents lack.

Magellan Immobilier Magellan Properties peut se vanter de nombreux clients réguliers et d'innombrables recommandations, avec une vaste base de données de clients existants. Nous sommes fiers de dire que cela est devenu une grande partie de notre entreprise.

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